Help Grow the Live Storm Chasing Platform in 2015

We have launched an IndieGoGo project to fund the Live Storm Chasing platform for 2015. Live streaming is a very expensive undertaking requiring many dedicate servers to handle the load of   people viewing the streams. We expect this number to be even greater in 2015 and that is why we need your help to make sure we can provide the same level of service during peak times when it matters most.

We estimate that we will need $40,210 to run the service in 2015, with most of the costs going towards leasing of dedicate servers (the number fluctuating over the year). Each server also requires a license for the streaming software we use to deliver live streams over different protocols for compatibility with different devices and screens. The servers run on a distribution of Linux so there are no other software licensing expenses involved, the streaming server license expense representing almost all of the software portion of the budget. You can see a full breakdown of the budget on our project page. To raise the amount we require, we have set a goal of $50,121 to include the fees accessed by IndieGoGo and payment processors as well as the costs for fulfilling some of the perks associated with the certain contribution levels.

This platform provides additional warning information and great entertainment and educational value. If you watched any of the chaser streams in 2014 consider contributing at least $1, it’s very easy to do and will allow you and many others to enjoy the platform in 2015. If you can’t contribute financially we completely understand but you still help us by sharing the project with friends and family who may be interested.

Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from TVNweather!

IndieGoGo Project

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