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Android Live Storm Chasing Update Released

We released a new version of our Android Live Storm Chasing app. The main feature of this new version is push notifications via Google Cloud Messaging, this brings a really great feature to Android that was previously only available in

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Production Log #6: Three Dominators Intercept Multiple Tornadoes

By May 19th, the entire production crew was on adrenaline. After prepping and shooting for 12-16 hours each day, the shooters needed to organize their data cards, clean their equipment, and hand everything to Terry Rosema. Terry, who had been

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Production Log #5: Attack of the Tornado Helix

Around 2 o’clock in the afternoon on May 17th, Reed was still sleeping — he hadn’t rested the previous night because various early-morning news shows had requested live interviews (very common during storm season). Dick McGowan, Reed’s driver, had taken

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Tornado Chasers Production Log #4: Legends Collide

The beginning of May 2013 saw the unveiling of Dominator 3 – the new, tornado-intercepting, DeLorean/Batmobile tank backed by Sean Schofer and engineered by Kevin Barton. To celebrate, KFOR shot a special TV promo with all three Dominators and “Chopper

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Tornado Chasers Production Log #3: Joel Taylor Returns

Around the middle of April 2013, the production of Tornado Chasers was in limbo. We’d been on some tough busts already, and only had a skeleton crew. Reed kept our morale high with his enthusiasm and confidence about the season.

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