The Future of Tornado Chasers

Fans of Tornado Chasers, we want to thank everyone who watched for making the series a phenomenal success – a truly groundbreaking series.

We’ve been asked about whether TVN is producing a season of Tornado Chasers in 2014 and we want to confirm that production of Tornado Chasers has been put on hold for this year.

As you can probably guess, producing Tornado Chasers is an enormous undertaking. In fact, we’ve just finished producing all of the content for the 2013 season. We’ve learned that we’ll need a bigger production budget to hire the necessary crew to bring you the show in a timely manner.

So this year we want to focus on spreading the word about the amazing 2013 season of Tornado Chasers. We want to reach out to new fans and grow our audience. Then in 2015, we’ll be in a great position to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a new, big season of Tornado Chasers.

Thank you to everyone for their patience, passion and support.


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Tornado Chasers

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39 comments on “The Future of Tornado Chasers
  1. The whole series was just AMAZING. Seeing the last 2 about how its all put together was so helpful. A lot of work and I am so so glad I was able to be a part of the kickstarter for the show. Very very well done! Thank you. Cynthia Brashier

  2. Matt Dawson says:

    What the hell am I going to do now? :\ Oh well, see you all next year, I hope. If it never works out, I hope you know that it was a pleasure watching.

  3. If it’s not sustainable on donations/season pass proceeds, it simply isn’t. Running another kickstarter for the next season only kicks the can down the road a bit. Need to find another model to make it work. I wonder if the Weather Channel would run the series?

  4. Will we still be able to watch TVN live chasing?

    • Seth says:

      Definitely, Tornado Chasers is a completely separate product from Live Storm Chasing, they are not related at all. Putting Tornado Chasers on hold for a year does nothing to Live Storm Chasing.

  5. I was doing the math during the behind-the-scenes footage – all your talented crew and all the time and effort they put into it and I did wonder how you guys did it all that. Sorry to hear no plans for 2014 series.

    I feel honored to have been able to help in a small way and wow what an amazing season 2013 of Storm Chasers is! Seeing it all unfold in gorgeous super HD on the big screen – all the astounding footage this unforgettable year – is the best TV I have ever watched. Truly groundbreaking, and heartbreaking, and so many amazing moments. So thanks, it was worth it, I think.

    I know you guys are chasing out there so stay safe and I’ll be watching.

  6. Seth, I just want to ride with you one time before I die.

    • Seth says:

      Usually people would want to ride along with Reed but I’m flattered you would pick me instead. 🙂

  7. Amy E Krauss says:

    *Falls to the floor with face in hands and begins sobbing!*

  8. Ken says:

    Thank you all for your comments. You guys rock! We’ll be exploring many ways to get Tornado Chasers out there. It should be an exciting year and we’ll keep you updated!

  9. My $100 donation was the best investment I could have made. I thoroughly enjoyed every episode. I can not wait for more episodes in the future. Thanks for all of your dedication and hard work.

  10. I have to say this is unfortunate news as I couldn’t wait for the next episode to drop…I wonder if for this year you couldn’t do just your regular old one camera chase videos with like a “directors cut” style voice over while you are sitting in the living room watching it later…easy production and we would still get something from you guys for this season.

    • Seth says:

      I imagine we certainly could have run a very low budget Tornado Chasers this year but ultimately that would have been a big let down to fans who have come to expect a certain quality level with the series. It would have ended up hurting Tornado Chasers far more than putting it on hold for a year would have. The bar was raised pretty high in 2013 and we would want to at least meet or ideally exceed that level of quality in another attempt.

  11. Bummer for the short term. I agree you guys are a great production team but you need to find a way to sustain without Kickstarters. Granted I’ll be happy to contribute…but I think the Weather Channel would pick it up. Sure as hell would be better than Coast Guard Alaska…

    • Seth says:

      That would definitely make things easier, running a Kickstarter campaign like we did is an incredible amount of work on it’s own. However even if we couldn’t get a TV network backing there’s no reason to believe a crowdfunding campaign wouldn’t get us the budget we would need. There have been several campaigns recently for shows that have surpassed $500k, even well over a million dollars.

  12. Thanks for letting us know, Ken. I was ready to get the contribution in to support this season — the 2013 season programs were exciting in the content and in the knowledge of what was learned about tornadoes from it. I like to think the very low death count we had here in Mississippi in April’s storms came in part from the research the TVN crew is doing. I’ll be ready to contribute next year and keep looking for the Dominators on the road. Keep Chasing!!!

  13. Any chance of some raw / unedited on demand content for this year of the bigger chases?

    • Seth says:

      Hi David,
      If we did that it wouldn’t be Tornado Chasers. While we did have a bonus episode “Tornadoes of 2013: Raw and Uncut” (which BTW is amazing) but that was just bonus content, Tornado Chasers is defined by the twelve core episodes. Even then creating a video like that on it’s own would not be possible without the amount footage we shot in 2013 with the budget we had then.

    • Ken says:

      Seth is exactly right about this. Our epic “Tornadoes of 2013: Raw and Uncut” episode was possible because we had our full production crew running 12-15 cameras during the tornado events. Rest assured, though, that if Reed gets some great footage this year, you’ll be able to see it on Youtube.

  14. *drops to my knees* NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  15. You guys should just do a single episode for 2014 kind of a best of if for nothing more than to promote the 2015 kickstarter

  16. Tammy Neill says:

    Please, please, please just give us the raw unedited!

    • Seth says:

      Take a look at my reply to David further up. In a nutshell to create a raw and uncut tornado episode (like we did with the bonus episode Tornadoes of 2013: Raw and Uncut) you would still need a similar budget since that episode would not be possible without all the footage we shot for Tornado Chasers. Of course with still finishing up on Tornado Chasers we simply didn’t have the time to run such a campaign, at this pace we could only produce a new season once every two years which of course is kind of silly and the reason we would need a bigger budget if we attempt it next year.

  17. Sam Shafer says:

    What a bummer. Although I understand it. Look forward to contributing in 2015.

  18. Kelli Culver says:

    I’m gutted to hear that there won’t be a show for this season as was definitely ready to support you guys again, however I do understand the reason behind it. Tornado Chasers 2013 season was a great step up, content and production wise, from the previous season, and I would like to see you guys go from strength to strength, not having to put something out there that isn’t of the same calibre. Be safe out there and keep on keeping on!

  19. This is truly a great series. I will definitely donate to another Kick Starter campaign to get you guys going in 2015. I think the idea being tossed around about going to Netflix or Hulu is great idea. The Weather Channel is an excellent idea as well. You all have some pretty nice networking contacts with them! Keep up the good work as well and NEVER STOP CHASING!!!!!

  20. What a bummer. I wish you well & hope you can resume producing Tornado Chasers (annually). Have you considered a paid Roku channel? Or a partnership with TWC? Got to be a way to finance your work. Best of luck and I will be here waiting for the next season.

  21. I will definitely support you guys in whatever direction you go! The weather channel seems like a great fit, but what do I know.
    Thanks for the great 2013 season and be safe.
    R.I.P. “Twistex”

  22. I’ve watched your storm chasing show on TV and really enjoy it. My criticism of it is that it too often shows the drivers of the chase vehicles on their electronics, such as their phone and looking at computers etc. I find this to be setting a really bad example for anyone who may be watching the show. There are major campaigns on TV about not texting and driving. In all honesty I don’t know if the public should fear the tornadoes you are chasing, or the weather tank as it is coming down the road when there is a distracted driver at the helm? Also, I believe I saw one episode where I believe it was Sean Casey’s weather tank, and I could be wrong, driving down I-70 the wrong way. Talk about an amazingly unsafe act.
    I do not believe that I am unnecessarily critical of your chaser’s driving habits. I drove a 7500 gallon tanker of fuel with the Army in Iraq, where safety was constantly being preached. I think your drivers need to change their MO’s, or even hire drivers who have little to no weather experience and won’t be distracted by electronic weather gadgets.
    These are my thoughts, please don’t be a bigger threat to the public than the tornadoes themselves…

  23. Don Bagley says:

    Reed, It was my privilege to help fund your last Kickstarter campaign. Count me in for the next one. While I will miss this season, I look forward to next year with you and the team. You guys are awesome and are a valuable part of weather education.

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