March Weather Summary

The “polar vortex” pattern continued to dominate the Midwest to the Northeast U.S. and southeastern Canada for most March, with hot and dry conditions proliferating the widespread drought conditions and wildfires from the Desert Southwest.


 Powerful snowstorms hammered the Great Lakes Region to New England on March 11-13 and March 23, with over hurricane force winds and blizzard conditions in eastern Cape Cod with the latter system.  A raging blizzard is also closing out the month of March across much of the Dakotas into northwest Minnesota on the cold side of a powerful storm system that will bring tornadoes to the southern Plains to Dixie Alley the rest of this week.


In terms of tornadoes, the month of March was relatively quiet compared to recent years, aside from the recent March 27 outbreak in northern Missouri where a damaging tornado destroyed multiple homes near the Trenton, MO area.  It looks like this event was the first sign of a major pattern shift that will impact North America, leading to a very active severe weather pattern across the Tornado Alley for the rest of spring and summer.  El Nino conditions continue to intensify in the Pacific, which will only enhance the severe weather pattern this spring.  Stay safe this storm season, and make sure your weather radios are charged up!

DOMINATE the storm

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  1. I know this happened last year but I only this evening learn’t the news about Tim, his son and one other member of the Twistex team. I am shocked and saddened. I only just watched them on TV chasing storms while unknown to me that they had passed away 😦

    I do not want to see anyone else perish to the might of these storms especially those including yourself who are doing amazing things and risking their own lives to save lives. So please be extra careful and be safe.

    I will be watching from the UK.




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