iOS Live Storm Chasing App Released

We have released a Live Storm Chasing iOS app, this app is a universal app and works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 6.1 and greater. This is the first ever live storm chasing app for iOS and it provides a really easy to use native experience for browsing and viewing chaser’s live streams.

The app also has push notifications to you can be alerted when there is an active storm chase. You will only receive one automated push notification per chase day but in the case of a tornado on a live stream you may get a manual push notification letting you know what streams have a view of the tornado.

When viewing a live stream you can rotate the device to landscape orientation to toggle fullscreen. The resolution of each chasers stream is dependent on their network ability in the field and the quality will vary from chaser to chaser depending on what kind of equipment they are using.

ios screenshots

We have an Android version in development and it will be released soon. It will also provide push notifications and similar experience to the iOS app.

We still provide a mobile web experience in addition to this app, our mobile web streaming is compatible with iOS, all versions of Android including those without HLS support, and Blackberry.

UPDATE: We have released a native Android Live Storm Chasing app, read more about it in this post.


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9 comments on “iOS Live Storm Chasing App Released
  1. Haha haha its? Uh can you get with the times? Apple is so yesteryear. Android is where it’s at now.

    • Seth says:

      That’s a pretty ignorant comment to make. I’m not going to get into a silly Android vs iOS discussion because rational people realize that “religious war” topics like this are completely subjective and nothing productive can come from such a “debate”.

      Considering that the market share between iOS and Android is similar (although iOS makes way more in revenue and profit) the choice of which app to build first simply comes down to our own personal preferences, but again they are just preferences and nothing more. What is better is simply a matter of individual taste. Some people will prefer iOS, others Android, and some different choices like Windows Phone; no one’s choice is any more valid than any one else’s.

      Besides we’ll have an Android version out very soon so try not to get too butthurt about it in the meantime, it’s nothing personal, it’s just that we can only build one app at a time.

    • I love a bit of ignorance and share your frustration that we Android users have to be a bit more patient, but I prefer to think of a glass half full, and here there is an app being developed for us.

  2. Budd Johnson says:

    Yahh,,, whatever Set said ! Just downloaded iOS version and luckily there was a chaser out….. works great. Thank You and “Product Favorites” just hold your horses… ha

  3. Just downloaded iOS version, I love it! One chaser out, works brilliantly, guess I will be glued to this App. Good work, folks!

  4. heymikie53 says:

    Great work you do here. Any ETA on the android app?

  5. I can’t watch chases from my Android. I have the new HTC One. When I try to play, it says Sorry, this video can’t be played. Can you not watch live from Android without the app?

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