Message from Ken Cole, Executive Producer of Tornado Chasers

First let me thank you for watching and supporting our Tornado Chasers series this year. When we started shooting in early April, we had no idea such an historic tornado season awaited us. All of that changed on May 17th, and as you have experienced through the episodes, it’s been a life-changing year for all of us.

As you may have noticed, some of the recent episodes have been released after their scheduled dates. I understand that the wait is frustrating and we appreciate your patience as we put our full effort into the quality of these episodes. What started as a documentary about only Reed’s chase team has grown to include Mike Morgan and the KFOR team, Jim Cantore at The Weather Channel, Ginger Zee at Good Morning America, Tim and Paul Samaras, Carl Young, and several catastrophic tornadoes in populated areas.

A project of this increased magnitude requires a greater coordination between our small staff and all parties, and therefore a little more time to get it perfect for you. You have helped us so much through either backing via Kickstarter or purchasing the episodes directly. Because of you, it’s possible for us to create a documentary series with a scope beyond what anyone could have imagined.

There are three big episodes left in our main season, and here is the planned release schedule: Episode 10 (the Bennington, KS tornado) releases on January 2nd, Episode 11 (Part 1 of El Reno) releases on January 16th, and Episode 12 (Part 2 of El Reno) releases on January 23rd.

On behalf of our small but passionate production team, thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me through, Facebook, or Twitter @kenergycole.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season,

Ken Cole
Executive Producer, Tornado Chasers

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8 comments on “Message from Ken Cole, Executive Producer of Tornado Chasers
  1. Richard Cave says:

    Ken, this has been first rate all the way through, I am so glad that I am watching, as for the delays it makes it sweeter on viewing. I knew Tim Samaras so am dreading the last two episodes, however he would have chided me for not watching. Would it be possible if some sort of memorial be placed in those episodes. I know as a film maker that is asking a lot. The interaction between other agencies during the whole series so far has made it better than what discovery channel would have done. The editing and film making has been first rate with a difficult subject matter (tornadoes not Reed LOL). Please keep up the good work and pass that onto your team that have so obviously worked hard. Looking forward to more.

  2. Ken says:

    Thank you for your comment Richard — we’ll definitely be remembering Tim, Paul, and Carl in the last episode.

  3. Hey ken. you’ve probably seen me around before. asking you questions or reed or on TVN streams.

    but i would like to know as a backer what will come after the main episodes? will you include any chases from september/october/november. those were insane chases as well. but i am guessing you were not filming on these chases?

    is the episodes after the main ones just the bonus episodes or will you have more chases?

    also i am still waiting from last year for the hurricane Issac chase 😉 was hoping for a year we might actually get an episode from when reed was trapped in the car park and the chase of the super cell later that day

    anyways, hope you had a great Christmas and new year ken. more awesome stuff to come this year i hope.

    PS: you should sell Tornado Fury on the webstore as digital download like the series once film festival season is over

  4. Hey Ken

    What options do you have to get this series some serious national recognition? I know Reed carried a lot of his Discovery Channel audience with him, but this season is so much better than anything previous and I would hope your audience has grown. I hope you guys win some awards that will get more people watching.

    I also would like to know what future projects are in store? Another season? Another Kickstarter? Pulling out the old classics (Manitoba, Ellis Co., etc.) in a fresh format?

    Keep up the excellent work! (I, also, would like to see Tornado Fury available for download).


  5. Hi Ken, please don’t sweat the release schedules. You guys are doing a fabulous job especially considering the funding and staffing challenges you are facing. It’s exciting having the extra people but really, we are all about the tornadoes so please keep that part the biggest part. A little drama is good but the episodes are a little short as it is and we love to see the tornadoes. Your last episode was EPIC!

  6. Ely Lazar says:

    Hi Ken
    I share the sentiment…don’t mind waiting for the high quality super high definition video. This series is vastly superior to the Discovery Channel series. It looks more real and less contrived than the original series with all the ‘dramas’.

    After all it is about the tornadoes and the weather.

  7. Hi Ken. The episodes this year are much superior to last years (and last years were pretty good!) in terms of editing, sound, and overall direction that I certainly don’t mind waiting. In addition to being a great chaser and super knowledgable about severe storms, Reed’s personality makes him a great entertainer and the perfect “star” of the series. I look forward to them, but to put it simply … good things come to those who wait!

  8. Just getting around to watching the new season and I too am impressed with the increase in production value. I am ready for the next Kickstarter campaign.

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