Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you are still looking for gifts it’s not too late and we have a couple last minute gift ideas for you.  These gifts are perfect for anyone even mildly interested in weather and storms, science and nature, and the human struggles and reality of storm chasing. Best of all they are delivered via email so you don’t have to worry about missing shipping deadlines.

Idea #1, Tornado Chasers Gift Seasons

The first idea is to purchase gifts of Tornado Chasers via TVNweather On Demand which can then be sent to anyone with a valid email address. Our On Demand platform allows you to stream and download very high quality episodes from either season of Tornado Chasers. The 2013 season is still in progress, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving the best season of Tornado Chasers yet.  Your gift will be in the form of a season pass, similar to what you would expect with purchasing a season pass on Amazon or iTunes.  The season pass will allow them to have access to nine episodes immediately and they will get notifications for the next three episodes released in January.  The downloads are DRM-free so they can put them on any device they want and make as many backups as they would like with no restrictions on playback. We also have a dedicated Roku channel that allows you to stream them to your TV and our streaming is also compatible with Apple TV via AirPlay.

You can purchase the 2013 season, the 2012 season, or both and you can order multiple copies at once (you will be able to send out them separately later). If you are interested in exactly how the process works take a look at this blog post.  The receiver gets a nice email with the graphic below and instructions on how to active their gift, you can also customize the message as you would like.

Idea #2, TVNweather Merchandise Digital Gift Card

The second idea is to purchase a digital gift card from our Merchandise Store, these gift cards allow the receiver to purchase physical merchandise from our store such as hats, t-shirts, and posters. We offer very reasonable shipping options at cost and our dedicated fulfillment warehouse gets orders out the door very fast.

A TVNweather Merchandise gift card is the perfect compliment to a TVNweather On Demand gift of Tornado Chasers or as it’s own gift for someone who already has access to Tornado Chasers and would love a hat or t-shirt to go with it. Keep in mind that these gift cards can not be use on our On Demand platform and can only be used in the TVNweather Merchandise Store. To purchase gifts of Tornado Chasers see Idea #1 earlier in this post.

As a bonus you can use discount code DOMINATE to get 10% off of any TVNweather Merchandise order of $100 or more, so if you order a $100 gift card you’ll only pay $90.

TVNweather Merchandise Gift Card

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