2012 Season Now Available in Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, Super HD

We have finished encoding the entire 2012 (first) season of Tornado Chasers in HLS adaptive bitrate streaming with the highest quality available being our 7mbps Super HD encoding.  There has never been a perfect time to go back and binge-watch the complete 2012 season of Tornado Chasers.

Our adaptive bitrate streaming works in any modern browser as well as mobile devices and allows the quality to dynamically adapt to your connection speed during the entire playback of the episode.  The default quality setting is Auto but you can change this to a fixed quality setting such as 720p HD for example, as shown below.  Keep in mind that once you change this to a fixed quality the streaming quality will not adapt to your connection speed until you change the setting back to Auto.


The 2012 episodes now have the Super HD quality available in the download options as well, so even if you don’t have a fast enough connection to stream 7mbps you can still enjoy the highest quality possible.

We hope you enjoy the upgrade and wish you happy holidays.

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