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Today we are announcing support for Dropbox integration, allowing you to save DRM-free downloads of Tornado Chasers directly to your own Dropbox account.  In case you are unfamiliar with the service, Dropbox is a great way to easily sync files across your different devices.

This is a much more convenient way of getting your downloads on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad that do not support the direct download of video files for later offline playback from Safari.  No longer do you have to download the file to your Mac or PC first and then transfer it over via iTunes.

When you press the “Save to Dropbox” button (as shown below) the file is transferred directly from our servers to Dropbox and the process is very fast. You can choose the location to store the episode in your Dropbox account and if you are not already signed-in to Dropbox you will be prompted to do so.


You can access this new download screen by clicking on the “View Options” link in the “Watch Offline” column of your list of purchased episodes in your library as shown below.


Downloading to your Dropbox is an add-on feature and you still have the ability to download directly to your machine from us by clicking on the blue buttons in the first screenshot.  Keep in mind that if you are on iOS (iPhone or iPad) you will not be able to download video files directly for offline playback without the help of a third party app (such as Dropbox or a download manager).  It will however attempt to play them back when you press the blue buttons but the playback could be interrupted since they are served up in a way that is not meant to meet the demands of streaming HD video. Instead you should use our web streaming option which you can get to by clicking on the title of the episode in your library (above screenshot), this streaming option works on mobile devices and supports up to 1080p HD.

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