Higher On Demand Quality

We are experimenting with higher bit rates for 1080p encodes, starting with Episode 1 “Liftoff” of the 2013 Season of Tornado Chasers. For now this only affects the 1080p DRM-free download and Roku streaming.  The video bit rate of this new level of quality is 5Mbps and you may notice a small increase in quality compared to what we offered before.

We will be adding this higher quality to web streaming in the near future as well as going back and re-encoding all older previous season episodes once we are satisfied with the results.

We also have plans to roll out a new level of 1080p quality which for now we’ll call “Dominator HD”, the average video bitrate will be around 7Mbps.  This will be available in Roku streaming, as a DRM-free download, and eventually in web streaming in the browser.

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  1. This is nice to hear, a production which actually cares about the product quality. never stop chasing!

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