Activating Kickstarter Season Passes

All Kickstarter Season Passes and 2012 Season Bundles were delivered via our gift system which allows you to send episodes, seasons, and season passes to your friends and family as gifts.  What gift could be better than a 2013 Season Pass of Tornado Chasers, right?

Depending on your reward level you may see one or more items in this gift section. Whether you want to use them yourself or send to friends and family is up to you.  Keep in mind that each action is permanent and once applied to your own account you can not send it to friends nor can you activate an item that has already been sent to friends.

If you are unsure whether a season pass is active on your account, first visit the Season Passes screen in the Account section of the website.

Applying a Gift to your Account

Assuming you want to watch one of the 2013 Season Passes yourself, rather than giving it away, you need to first activate it on your account. You can do this by pressing the “Apply to My Account” button as shown below.Apply to My Account

Once activated it will appear in your Season Passes section of your account as shown below.Season Passes

Your season pass is now active on your account and now all you have to do is wait for an email notification that will be sent out when the first episode is available.

Ordering Gifts

You can now pre-order 2013 Season Passes through our website to give as additional gifts.  Simply press the “Purchase as Gift” button during checkout as show below. Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 2.38.31 PM

For more information about purchasing and sending gifts read this blog post

Need Help?

If you need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us through our support portal.

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7 comments on “Activating Kickstarter Season Passes
  1. Evan Robert says:

    I am a backer, gave 33.33 I think…I do not believe I have received an email with gift for the season pass. Thanks. I did receive the emails with photos etc.

    • sethtvn says:

      Hi Evan,
      The previous messages were sent as direct messages via Kickstarter so each message was tailored to your specific reward selection, rather than a generic email blast.

  2. I donated 20.00 so I could watch the seasons chases.. how do I go about viewing? my account shows nothing..

    • sethtvn says:

      Usually this is because the Kickstarter survey wasn’t submitted on time or your account wasn’t created before submitting the survey. Please contact us through our support portal mentioned in the article and we’ll assist you.

  3. I can not find my videos… I backed for 35.00 via kickstarter so I should have season 1 and season 1 to give… and then access to season 2. I received my photos and wallpaper many months ago. I’ve been patiently waiting to watch these and still can not. Please help!!!!!!

    • sethtvn says:

      Please use our support portal linked above in the article, as we can’t provide support on here for privacy reasons.

      Usually this is because the survey wasn’t submitted on time (or at all), or you didn’t create your account before submitting the survey, or there was a typo in your answer the main survey question asking for the email address of your account.

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