West Coast to East Coast Tropical Cyclones

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Colorado isn’t the only location in North America with potentially deadly flooding…

MAJOR flooding problems developing in central Mexico with Hurricane Ingrid approaching from the E to make land fall in the next 12-24 hours, and the added moisture from Tropical Cyclone Manuel in the eastern Tropical Pacific.

Compounding the rain fall totals and deadly mudslide problems is the mountains terrain and already treacherous roads between Guadalajara and San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  13 people have already lost their lives with thousands evacuated, mainly in the southern Pacific Coast states of Guerro and Puebla, as mudslides and flash floods were all over the place with the landfall of Tropical Storm Manuel near Acapulco area.  The bad news is… The worst is still to come as Hurricane Ingrid, now packing winds of 75 mph makes land fall on the east-central coast and slams into the mountainous terrain.  Below is the USA Today article on the situation in Mexico from T.S. Manuel and Hurricane Ingrid.


Could this be a sign the Atlantic hurricane season is getting more active as MJO modulation induces more favorable?  I’ll be writing about this in our TVN tropical update email distributed tonight.

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