Tornado Chasers Needs Your Help

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the 2013 season of Tornado Chasers. If successful, these funds will go directly to paying the production costs associated with the new season of Tornado Chasers.

You can give any amount of $1.00 or higher but the most popular pledge levels are $20 and $35 due to the rewards associated with them.

If you are only interested in watching the 2013 season, you will want to pledge at the $20 level. This will get you a Season Pass of the 2013 Tornado Chasers season on TVNweather On Demand, meaning that each episode will be delivered as it is released. That’s twelve episodes for a discounted price of $20, a perfect value if you plan on watching the 2013 season.

If you haven’t seen the 2012 season or would like to give it as a gift, we highly recommend you pledge at the $35 level. This will get you the 2013 Season Pass as well as two 2012 season bundles. The first 2012 bundle is for yourself and the other is to give as a gift to anyone with a valid email address. We feel this pledge level is an incredible value.

Both of these pledge levels also come with an exclusive Tornado Chasers 2012 wallpaper and a digitally signed picture of the team, all of which will be available for download.

We also have additional pledge levels that allow you to give 2013 Season Passes as gifts as well as other extraordinary perks.

Please keep in mind that you can set the pledge amount to whatever you like. For example if you want the 2013 Season Pass you can pledge $21, $22, $23, or more as shown below. Pledge any amount you wish. You can also come back and add more to your pledge amount at anytime, which may be especially helpful if we come down to the wire on our funding goal. Anyone giving more than the pledge level truly has our utmost respect as an awesome individual.

If we do not reach 100% of our funding goal by the end of the Kickstarter project we will receive nothing and Tornado Chasers 2013 will not be funded. You will only be charged your pledge amount if we reach this goal.

Take a look at the project and if you know anyone who may be interested please share it with them.

Thank you,
TVNweather Team

Back Tornado Chasers, Get Awesome Rewards

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2 comments on “Tornado Chasers Needs Your Help
  1. Mike says:

    What is your over all funding goal?

  2. sethtvn says:

    $75,000 which we have recently surpassed. We now have a new stretch goal of $100K which if we hit we’ll include two bonus behind-the-scenes episodes to everyone who purchases a season pass via Kickstarter.

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