Deadly Tornado Strikes Georgia, Severe Weather Outbreak 1-29/1-30


On January 29th, the Storm Prediction Center had issued a moderate risk for a big chunk of the mid-south with the primary threats being damaging winds and strong tornadoes. Numerous tornado watches were issued and most of the severe weather started Tuesday evening and ended Wednesday evening. All-in-all Tuesday had 324 reports with most of those being damaging winds, although 13 tornado reports were recorded. One fatality occurred last night, as a man allegedly tried to take shelter in a shed and was killed.

A deadly tornado stuck the town of Adairsville, Georgia this morning leaving at least one dead and several more injuries. The storm was embedded within a squall line and was moving extremely fast when it hit the town. Before this fatality today, the US had set a record for most days without a tornado-related fatality with 220 days, since records had been kept in 1950. Check out this INSANE video of it here!

This was a classic high shear/low instability setup in the south, and isn’t unusual as most people think. Luckily, this event was forecasted several days in advance and after April 27th, 2011, people in Dixie Alley are more weather-aware than ever before. Today’s severe weather reports totaled 262, with 7 of those being tornadoes.

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